The Pacific Asia Bridge Federation Championships is the most prestigious bridge event in the Pacific Asia area. There will be five championships to be contested: Open Teams, Ladies Teams, Youth Teams, Senior Teams, and Open Pairs.

The PABF is composed of World Bridge Federation Zone 6 (China, Chinese Taipei, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Macau, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand) and Zone 7 (Australia and
New  Zealand) countries.

The top three finishers of the Open and Ladies Divisions of the Zone 6 will go on to play in the Bermuda Bowl and Venice Cup.

 PABF 2005 Messages 19_c.gif 

circle37_blue.gif THE 43rd PABF ORGANIZING COMMITTEE

blue00_next.gif Dr. Hong-sup Hahn, Chairman
blue00_next.gif Chief Tournament Director : Anthony Ching
blue00_next.gif Bulletin Editor : Robert Zajac

circle01_red.gif  All the correspondences and communications  regarding the 43rd PABF Championships, such as
   registrations of players, delegates, convention  systems and hotel reservations, should be
   addressed to

Contact person

Hong-sup Hahn


794-28 Yuksam-dong, Kangnam-ku, Seoul, Korea







Email or


circle37_blue.gif PROGRAM SCHEDULE

circle01_red.gif The following is a schedule of the 43rd PABF Championships.

More detailed schedules of Main Games and Side Games  19_c.gif




June 23, Thursday

19:00 – 21:00
21:00 – 24:00

 Delegates Dinner and  Meeting

June 24, Friday

09:00 – 10:00
10:00 – 11:00
11:00 – 12:30

 Captains' Meeting
 2nd Delegates’ Meeting
 Welcome Reception

June 24, Friday
- July 3, Sunday

14:00 – 16:45 10:00 – 18:20

 Games, Side Games

July 2, Saturday
- July 3, Sunday

09:00 – 13:00 14:30 – 18:30

 Open Pairs Games

July 3, Sunday

19:00 – 21:00

 Victory Dinner and Prizes  Presentation



circle01_red.gif Registration form :  

MS Word Registration Form   19_c.gif  (Please use MS Word)
Acrobat Registration Form  
19_c.gif  (Please use Acrobat Reader)

circle01_red.gif Convention systems must be of computer file  using the WBF Convention Card Editor (CCE) .19_c.gif

circle01_red.gif Photographs in digital photo image by email are strongly recommended.
  If not, two photographs with <Family name, First name>  on the back side must be sent to
  the Organizing Committee, not later than
April 15, 2005.


 circle37_blue.gif EVENTS AND ENTRY FEES

circle01_red.gif  Entry Fees :

blue00_next.gif Open Teams : USD 1,000
blue00_next.gif Ladies Teams : USD 1,000
blue00_next.gif Youth Teams : USD 400
blue00_next.gif Seniors Teams : USD 600
blue00_next.gif PABF Open Pairs :  USD 80 per Pair

   The entry fees above include entry to the Open Pairs.

circle01_red.gif Registration Fees to be remitted via  Bank Transfer:

Account Name

 Hong-sup Hahn

Account  Number





 794-28 Yuksam-dong,  Kangnam-ku, Seoul, Korea



circle01_red.gif Due Date :  April 15, 2005


 circle37_blue.gif RULES AND REGULATIONS

 circle01_red.gif 2005 PABF Championships System Regulations 19_c.gif

circle01_red.gif 2005 PABF Championships Rules & Regulations 19_c.gif
The above files are in PDF format, which requires Adobe® Acrobat.